Media and Workshops

We love sharing our passion and expertise with others!

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Workshops, Demonstrations, and Tours

We run nutrition workshops, cooking demonstrations, and supermarket tours to suit a range of audiences – big and small. Our goal is to help you and your team make smarter food choices!

Some popular themes for group education include:

  • How to read food labels
  • Diet strategies for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Mindfulness for overcoming ’emotional’ eating
  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Healthy school lunch-box ideas for parents
  • Healthy eating for specific groups (i.e. boot camps, schools etc)

We also run group sessions for people with Type 2 Diabetes under Medicare*

Nutrition Articles, Blogs & Programs

Engage us for your next nutrition-themed publication! We create content and menus for a wide range of magazines, blogs, organisations and medical clinics. You and your readers will love our ‘real world’ approach and our practical food tips.

You can find Sam’s work in these publications:

  • Body & Soul
  • Genesis Health Clubs
  • Goodlife Health Clubs
  • Weight Watchers Magazine
  • Medibank ‘be’ Magazine
  • Oxygen Fitness Magazine
  • Cleo Magazine

Check out our blog for some samples of our writing!

Also – Samantha’s work has been published in a Medical Journal! Check out our research paper on Diabetes Nutrition here (we are Cowan, SP).


Download Your Sample 7-day Meal Plan

These sample meal plans may not be customised specifically for your needs, but they are popular, tasty, and easy to prepare! Contact us if you would like a meal plan that's customised to your needs.