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We love sharing our passion and expertise with others!

We have created exceptional content for:

Nutrition and Fitness Content

Engage us for your next health-focused publication! We create nutrition and fitness content for a wide range of magazines, websites, health clubs, corporate and medical clinics. You and your readers will love our ‘real world’, evidence-based approach and our practical food tips.

Our content has featured in the following publications:

  • Body & Soul
  • Body Fit Training
  • Goodlife Health Clubs
  • Arena Fitness
  • Weight Watchers Magazine
  • Medibank ‘be’ Magazine
  • Oxygen Fitness Magazine
  • Cleo Magazine

Check out our blog page for some samples of our writing!

Also – Samantha’s work has been published in a Medical Journal! Check out our research paper on Diabetes Nutrition here (we are Cowan, SP).


Group Fitness Challenges

When it comes to achieving health goals, the best long-term results are achieved by those who combine both exercise and nutrition.

We have teamed up with many health clubs around the country to provide exceptional, evidence-based and user-friendly nutrition content to complement fitness challenges, with excellent results.  We stay away from ‘fads’ or ‘frills’, and focus on long term, sustainable healthy eating principles. Our services include:

  • Tailored Meal Plans and Support Documents
  • Custom Curated Nutrition Blogs and Content
  • Motivational Tools
  • Member and Staff Nutrition Coaching and Support

For more information – download our ‘Nutrition Content for Fitness Challenges’ Brochure


Meal Design and Analysis

After a few nutritionally balanced, delicious recipes for your business? We design delicious meals suitable for domestic and commercial production, specific to your target audience.

Our meal design services include:

  • Recipes that are simple, seasonal, freezer-friendly and budget friendly
  • Recipes that can be scaled in portion size to suit different health goals (i.e. fat loss, maintenance, muscle gain)
  • Recipes to suit specific health needs (i.e. vegan, bariatric, gluten free, low fodmap)
  • Nutrition Information Panels (NIPs), ingredients lists, allergen declarations, and country of origin labeling for packaging and resale purposes
  • Modification, nutrition analysis and/or label creation for preexisting recipes

Workshops and Presentations

Treat your staff or team with the gift of education! We run nutrition workshops, cooking demonstrations, and supermarket tours to suit a range of audiences, from big corporates to small community groups. Our goal is to help you and your team make smarter food choices!

Some popular themes for group education include:

  • How to read food labels
  • Diet strategies for maintaining a healthy weight
  • Mindfulness for overcoming ’emotional’ eating
  • Healthy eating for your gut microbiome
  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Healthy school lunch-box ideas for parents
  • Healthy eating for specific groups (i.e. boot camps, schools etc)

We also run group sessions for people with Type 2 Diabetes under Medicare*

Download Your Sample 7-day Meal Plan

These sample meal plans may not be customised specifically for your needs, but they are popular, tasty, and easy to prepare! Contact us if you would like a meal plan that's customised to your needs.