Sports Nutrition

Improve your training results and recovery with a tailored eating plan

When it comes to sporting performance, injury prevention and physique training, your food choices can make all the difference.

At The Nutrition Code, we have Accredited Sports Dietitians who work with you to develop unique eating plans for:

  • Endurance sports performance
  • Reaching body-weight targets while maintaining strength
  • ‘Clean’ bulking up and physique training
  • ‘Runners gut’
  • Hydration
  • Carbohydrate, fat, and protein periodisation
  • Whole food meal plans and/or use of sports supplements

12 Week Sports Nutrition Program:

  • Initial Consultation – identify your goals, nutrient needs and timing, create a custom food plan (45-50 min)
  • 3 x Review Consultation – update your food plan and address any challenges (30 minutes)
  • SMS and email support between consultations
  • The Nutrition Code Sports Nutrition Pack – includes a shopping list, label reading guide, recipes and more

Download Your Sample 7-day Meal Plan

These sample meal plans may not be customised specifically for your needs, but they are popular, tasty, and easy to prepare! Contact us if you would like a meal plan that's customised to your needs.